Streetbees Application: earn 3 thousand reais per month!


streetbees is another one of those amazing apps that pay you to do simple and quick tasks. But, how does Streetbees work and how is it possible to earn money on the web? Is there a way to make quick money using Streetbees or just working hard every day? Who can bill on the web using the app?

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Streetbees App – Agora Notícias

In this content, in addition to explaining to you what is streetbees, we will also tell you how much money you can earn, how to withdraw your money and who can use this amazing app. So, if you want to know more about it, just follow us to the end of the article to check out more details. Come on, read with us!


What is Streetbees?

But after all, what is Streetbees? It is an application that pays for tasks and surveys answered and carried out. So, whenever you finish answering the surveys, which are the majority, or when you complete a task, you gain a certain amount, which we will talk about as the article progresses. It's easy to earn money with Streetbees. Keep reading!

How much can I earn with Streetbees?

But after all, how much money can I earn monthly with this amazing app? Well, it really depends. It mostly depends on how much you engage with the app on a daily basis. If you use it daily, answering at least one daily survey, which pays 5 dollars, you can earn a lot of money at the end of a month.

Imagine, then, that after a long time using the app seasonally, according to the frequency of tasks sent to you, you now receive at least 4 tasks a day. With each completion of these tasks, mostly surveys, you will have received 5 dollars in your Streetbees account balance.

In a quick account quoted at 5 reais for 1 dollar, you will receive on average (the dollar can vary, usually upwards, increasing your billing) 25 reais per task done. At the end of the day, with 4 tasks done, you will have earned 100 reais. At the end of the month, revenues reached around 3,000 reais. Okay or want more?


How to withdraw money from the app?

To withdraw money from the app, unfortunately, you must be of legal age. But how so? Basically, you need to integrate your PayPal account into application streetbees. This way, only those who are of legal age end up being able to use the app, since PayPal only opens accounts for adults.

On the other hand, if you are a minor, just do not link any account and accumulate the money in the Streetbees app until you are 18 years old, or request that the account in the app be made by an adult, who will still transfer the money from PayPal to an account that allows withdrawal or use on a debit card.

To withdraw the money, just go to the “Payments” section of the app, link the PayPal account, set a withdrawal date in the month and click on “Automate withdrawal”. So, every day of the month you chose as the default date, the money will automatically go to your PayPal account, without having to carry out the process manually every month.

Who can download Streetbees?

Anyone can download the app, because, as we've seen, there's a way out even for minors. But, there is only one restriction: the working operating system. Currently, the application works only on Google's Android operating systems.

So, you will only be able to find the app on the Google Play Store. That way, if you are an iOS system user, that is, you have an iPhone or iPad, you cannot earn money with Streetbees.

How to download the app?

  • Enter the Google Play Store;
  • Then, in the search field, type “streetbees”;
  • Soon after, click on the app's official page;
  • Click on “Download”;
  • Now, wait until the download is finished and click "Open" or go to your smartphone's home screen to open the icon directly.

This was our guide on the Streetbees app. We hope we have helped you understand how to make money on the internet through this amazing application. If you still have any questions about the subject or the matter, just comment below and we will answer you. To the next!

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