Attapoll Application: earn R$900.00 monthly by answering questionnaires!


Attapoll Application It is one of the best ways to earn money online. In fact, it's one of the best, as there are already several apps of this type, and it looks like more of the model will emerge over time. But how do these apps work? How can we use them to our advantage? Is it possible to earn a lot of money on the Attapoll App?

Attapoll App - Agora News
Attapoll App – Agora News

Making money on the internet these days is much easier than in the past, and this is extremely true information. In fact, even a 12-year-old teenager, with a smartphone in hand and a good internet connection, can earn through a few clicks on the cell phone screen.


You just need to know how and where to do it, and to help you in this search, that's where we at Alvezon come in. We routinely bring options for apps that pay real money in exchange for clicks, responses to questionnaires, among other actions that can earn good money in a virtual account.

In today's content, for example, we are going to explain to you how Attapoll works Application, one of the best today and that has more to deliver through its platform. Therefore, if you want to know more about what it is, how it works and how you can use the Attapoll Application, follow us until the end of the article for more details on the subject. Come on, read with us!

What is the Attapoll App?

But after all, what is the Attapoll Application? We are talking about an application based on questionnaires generated in a combined way, between companies that are paying for it and people who want to earn money more easily.

In fact, it's one of the easiest and most recommended ways to make money fast, so that you can pay a bill quickly without having to take money out of your main income. It is a very possible situation to happen, especially if you use the platform daily to earn money.


It works as follows:

  • A company seeks the Attapoll Application because it wants to find answers to questionnaires based on its products or services offered on the web, whether through an e-commerce or other types of platform;
  • This company pays a certain amount for the Attapoll Application;
  • You enter as the “manpower”: you answer the questionnaires of a certain company, related to the product or service shown to you, even if you have no idea what it is about;
  • Your questionnaire, as well as other people's, is collected and sent to the company;
  • With each completed questionnaire, you earn R$10.00 in your digital account;

How many questionnaires can I answer per day?

You have certain limits on daily surveys, but availability increases as you respond. Initially, you may receive less than 3 questionnaires in 2 weeks, but with time and attendance, this number increases.

The secret to receiving more surveys, and consequently earning more money, is to answer surveys as soon as they are available. To do this, we recommend that you activate the app's notifications on your smartphone, so you can stay tuned whenever something new arrives.

There are reports of people who already answer between 3 and 4 daily questionnaires: we are talking about R$900.00 to R$1,200.00 monthly: is that good or do you want more?

Who can use the Attapoll App to earn money?

And who can earn money with the Attapoll app? Anyone and everyone who wants to make money, of course. There are no restrictions on using the platform, you just need to have a Google Play Store account to download the app, as well as a PayPal account where you can transfer money.

In the case of minors, it is naturally necessary to link an account of an adult person. Yes, you did not read it wrong: it is necessary to go to the Google Play Store to download the Attapoll App. What does that mean? That the application is only available for Android smartphones, it is not possible to download it from the App Store.

This was our guide on the app to earn money from surveys, Attapoll. It really is a great app option for anyone who wants to earn money without having to do heavy lifting. We recommend that you use the app in your daily life, mainly because it increases the amount of questionnaires you receive.

Did you have doubts about it? Comment below and we'll answer you. To the next!

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