Toloka Application: earn R$320.00 monthly with 5 minutes of daily use!


Toloka Application is one of the best apps to earn money on the web, mainly because we are talking about a solid platform and high functionality. But how does Toloka work in practice? Is it worth downloading on the smartphone or not? On which operating systems can Toloka be downloaded?

Toloka app - Agora News
Toloka app – Agora News

Working on the internet is something that has become truly commonplace. The number of people who claim that they actually work with the internet is growing, no longer being a supplementary income and starting to be a main income. But is it worth it? Toloka is one of the apps available for this type of action.


Easy to download and quick to use, it promises to pay real money to people who perform their tasks quickly and continuously, that is, daily. It may not be an easy task to remember to use it every day, but as time goes on and money rolls in, it will become a real priority in your everyday life.

In today's content, therefore, we are going to explain to you in a clear and simple way, what it is, how it works and how to use the Toloka Application to make money on the web. So, if you want to know more about it, we recommend that you follow us to the end of the content for more details. Come on, read with us!

What is the Toloka App?

But after all, what is this app known as Toloka? Well, it's about a application which is part of the development of software and platforms carried out by the browser known worldwide as Yandex. In fact, the app's official name is just Toloka Yandex.

The company Yandex was born just 2 years after Google, in 2000, as an alternative option to what we know today as the largest search engine in terms of use around the world. Unlike any other platform you've ever met, Yandex is purely Russian, which makes the app also Russian.


To clarify what Toloka is, below is a definition found on the official page of the app on Wikipedia, read:

“Toloka is a crowdsourcing platform and microtasking project launched by Yandex in 2014 to quickly tag large amounts of data, which is used for machine learning and search algorithm improvement.”

So, in practice, we're talking about an app that pays in cash, but without any external functionality other than internal development by the Yandex company itself. In this way, it is an application that will always pay on time, the amounts it promises and in the correct way. Keep reading with us to learn more about Toloka!

How to earn money with Toloka App?

But, and how to make money on the internet like the Toloka app? Well this is simple:

  • You just have to download the application on your cell phone through the official page of Google Play Store;
  • It is also possible to use it via the web, without having to download any type of software;
  • Then create your account with your own registration;
  • Afterwards, select the tasks and start earning money in dollars, a currency worth 5x ours, the Real.

Frequently asked questions about Toloka Application

When can I withdraw?

The Toloka Application allows you to withdraw as soon as you have 0.2 cents in your account. Considering that each microtask pays 0.1 cents, it is possible to withdraw the amount after finishing two simple tasks, without much difficulty.

How much can I earn in a month?

Unfortunately, the app limits the number of daily tasks. In practice, you can do 200 daily microtasks, equivalent to 2 dollars a day. At the end of the month, you will have earned 60 dollars, which in the current conversion corresponds to around 300-320 reais.

How to withdraw money from Toloka Application?

All you need is a PayPal account and register it in your method of receipt via the Toloka app or platform. After that, just register your personal bank account (Inter, Nubank, Caixa, Bradesco, etc.) in PayPal and request a transfer.

We recommend that you make a transfer from Toloka to PayPal when the dollar exchange rate is at its highest, so that you receive more money in your account in reais.

This was our guide on how Toloka app works to earn money. We hope to have cleared all your doubts on the subject. If you still have any, comment below and we'll answer. Until

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