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The Industrial Social Service (Sesi) is an institution that provides various services to industrial workers and their dependents.

15 Free Sesi Courses - Agora Noticias
15 Free Sesi Courses – Agora Noticias

The institute offers free courses for anyone interested in acquiring new skills.

This article will delve into the free courses, eligibility criteria, application process, and the benefits of participating in these courses.


Sesi Complementary Courses – Overview

Sesi offers free courses, allowing people to acquire new skills without any financial expenditure.

Accredited professionals conduct these classes, and upon completion, participants receive certificates.

Courses cover a wide spectrum of areas, including technology, education, health and safety, culture, environment and other current topics.


Sesi offers students short courses specifically aimed at training in the job market.

These high-quality courses serve to improve students' skills and knowledge, making them more competitive in the job market.

Who can participate in the courses?

Sesi courses offers free courses for people over 18 years of age, and they are not required to have a link with the sector or be dependent on workers in the sector.

Furthermore, no prior training is required to enroll in the courses, as long as the participant is enthusiastic about learning.

Sesi courses serve people who seek to expand their knowledge and acquire new skills to increase their employability.

Sesi's objective is to offer free courses so that everyone has access to professional development opportunities.

Course Registration

To sign up for Sesi free courses, access the website and search for courses available in your region.

When selecting a course, fill out an application form with your personal information to register.

To sign up for Sesi free courses, it is essential to pay attention to the registration dates and sign up as soon as possible due to limited places.

If there are still places available, the Sesi team will contact you for more information about the next stages of the course.

15 courses you can take for free

Sesi offers a wide variety of free courses to educate students in various fields.

Here is a list of 15 free courses currently offered by Sesi:

  1. Environmental education
  2. Personal finances
  3. Unraveling Industry 4.0
  4. Health and Safety in the Construction Industry
  5. Educational Technologies
  6. Nutrition
  7. Ergonomics
  8. Occupational hygiene
  9. Business Communication
  10. Maker Culture
  11. Safety when working with electricity
  12. Accidents prevention
  13. Innovation in Industry
  14. Entrepreneurship
  15. Leadership and Team Management

Qualified professionals lead these courses, which cover essential topics for the job market.

The courses aim to provide students with specialized knowledge and new skills to increase their competitiveness in the job market.

Advantages of Enrolling in Courses

Participating in Sesi’s free courses provides students with a multitude of advantages.

Students not only acquire new skills, but also have the opportunity to expand their networks, make new friends and exchange knowledge.

Furthermore, these courses can enhance the student's professional profile, making them more attractive to potential employers and opening doors to new career prospects.

Sesi's excellent free courses offer students the chance to specialize in different areas, increasing their employability.

In addition, sesi courses offers free courses in areas vital for personal and professional growth, such as business communication, personal finance and leadership.

Certificate of Professional Completion

Upon completing each course, Sesi grants a certificate of completion with national recognition and which can serve as proof of training in job interviews and selection processes.

Furthermore, the certificate acts as proof of the knowledge acquired by the student and the efforts invested.

Sesi students can attract companies and secure job opportunities by taking technical courses.

Qualified and well-trained professionals are highly sought after by companies. sesi courses offers free courses that, upon completion, provide students with a certificate.

This certificate can increase a student's attractiveness to potential employers.

Furthermore, Sesi partners with companies and industries that can offer job opportunities to exceptional students who excel in these courses.

Sesi Senai: Which is better?

Many people have doubts about which institution to choose when it comes to free and professional courses.

Sesi and Senai are two renowned institutions that offer courses for those who want to train for the job market.

But after all, which is better: Sesi or Senai?

Both institutions aim to train people for the job market, offering free and professional courses in various areas.

However, there are some differences between the two institutions.

Sesi aims to offer services to industry workers and their dependents.

Senai is an institution focused exclusively on professional education, offering technical, undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various areas.

The choice between Sesi and Senai will depend on each person's needs and objectives. If the objective is to expand knowledge in different areas, Sesi may be the right choice.

If the objective is professional training in specific areas, Senai may be the best option.

Quick Courses

Sesi offers short courses in various areas of knowledge, such as administration, logistics, health and basic education.

These courses are aimed at those looking for training in specific areas and last on average 30 to 60 hours.

Registration for Sesi's short courses can be made via the institution's official website or by telephone.

In addition, Sesi also offers short distance learning courses, for those looking for more flexibility and convenience.

Short courses are an excellent option for those looking for training in specific areas quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, these courses can be a way to stand out in the job market and gain new professional opportunities.

Final considerations

In short, Sesi's free courses are an exceptional opportunity for those looking to acquire new knowledge, broaden their horizons and stand out in the professional field.

All courses are taught by competent professionals and cover areas relevant to the job market.

Additionally, the certificate of completion recognizes the student's diligence and perseverance and can open up new avenues of employment.

Don't miss this opportunity – sign up for sesi free courses today!

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