Free courses at SENAC: find out how to enroll in a course


In order to achieve a successful career and have satisfactory remuneration, it is essential to have completed at least one professional course.

The National Commercial Apprenticeship Service (SENAC) offers a variety of free courses for those who wish to improve their skills and expand their possibilities in the job market.


What free courses can I enroll in at SENAC?

SENAC has a variety of courses available, from open courses to technical and technological courses. Within the free courses, there are options such as languages, information technology, arts, gastronomy, aesthetics, tourism, and other related areas.

The technical and technological courses are aimed at specific areas, such as administration, accounting, information technology, mechanics, electromechanics, electronics, and several others.

SENAC offers distance learning courses, in addition to face-to-face courses, for those who are unable to attend face-to-face classes. Distance courses are offered in several areas, including administration, communication, accounting, information technology, English, and others.

What are the benefits of taking a technical course at Senac?

The technical course offered by Senac is an excellent option for those who wish to specialize in a specific area or improve knowledge already acquired. You technical courses of Senac bring several benefits to those who complete them.


Upon completion of Senac's technical course, students acquire specific professional knowledge in their area of expertise. This means that, when entering the labor market, they already have applied theoretical knowledge that can be used immediately.

Furthermore, Senac's technical courses provide students with practical training. This means that, in addition to developing theoretical skills, they also have the chance to develop practical skills, which are crucial for good professional performance.

How are the classes of the courses that Senac offers?

The courses offered by Senac have classes taught by qualified and experienced professionals, whose mission is to teach students the essential topics for the chosen area. This allows students to have access to specific knowledge for each area of study.

The courses offer different structures, including theoretical and practical classes, where the theoretical classes are focused on the study of theory, while the practical classes are aimed at carrying out activities related to the course.

What are the requirements to take a course at Senac?

To take a course at SENAC, you must have completed high school. All courses offered are intended for students who already have high school or higher.

Another basic requirement to take a course at SENAC is to be at least 16 years old. This is a general rule of the institution, aiming to ensure that all students have the ability to fully take advantage of the course content.

How to enroll in a Senac course?

To enroll in a free SENAC course, you must first find the desired course and check the enrollment conditions. Afterwards, it is necessary to fill in the registration forms and send them to the nearest SENAC unit. It is also important to take some documents, such as RG, CPF and proof of residence, to present at the SENAC unit.

You can also access this SITE to register.

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