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The technical course in Podiatry that Senac offers is without a doubt a chance to start a new and precious career.

Podiatry Course - Agora Notícias / source: Canva
Podiatry Course – Agora Notícias / source: Canva

In this article I will give you everything you need to enroll in the Senac podiatry technical course.


The podiatry course

One of the most important areas for the well-being and also for the health of us human beings is podiatry. Senac's podiatry technical course program guarantees a prepared and qualified environment for the student to learn from theory to practice.

  • Hours: 1200 hours
  • Laboratories set up with necessary equipment
  • Trained teachers with years of experience

Senac barber course

At Senac, the barber course is one of the best choices for those who intend to become professional in the area of beauty for men, where the student learns various techniques for handling equipment for cutting, skin care and shaving.

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Entering this journey of 1200 hours of theoretical and practical study, the professional will be able to obtain coherent conclusions about allergies, bacterial diseases or infections in the feet and nails of her clients.

In view of all this importance, podiatry is an area that has been gaining a name in people's daily lives.


The working environment for podiatry technicians is very broad. For example:

  • Beauty salons
  • Home Services
  • Hospital Clinics
  • Clubs & Spas

Not to mention the fact that you can start your own business.

Podiatrist (o) - What do you do?

Even with the great increase in demand for professionals in the podiatry course, many people, even lay people, are unaware of the role of a podiatrist technician.

The professional is responsible for taking care of the well-being of the patient's feet, and the patient himself. Taking into account all the specific techniques needed in each case, such as diabetes, hypertension or even old age.

In addition to the fact that it restores the self-esteem of men and women of all ages, reversing serious conditions.


A podiatry course on other platforms costs an average of R$3500.00. However, with SENAC it is possible to enroll in the scholarship system, which the education network itself offers, thus being able to get the course for free.

Requirements to register for the scholarship program is that you must present proof that you have a low income and that you do not have other scholarships.

That chance offered by SENAC it mainly aims at the inclusion of less favored people monetarily, in technical-professional courses.

Reading the notice about the course and checking the enrollment days in the selection process is extremely important, as vacancies fill up quickly.

My Registration

The following steps will help you:

  • Access the SENAC website
  • Check course information
  • Access the button to register and fill in all the data
  • Wait for selections to complete
  • In case of approval in the selection of scholarship holders, present yourself in a SENAC network and complete the entire enrollment process

The Importance of Podiatry for Health and Well-being

Podiatry is an area of health that has gained prominence and importance in recent years. He is responsible for taking care of the patients' feet, taking into account all the techniques necessary for each specific case.

In addition, podiatry contributes to improving people's quality of life, as many diseases can be prevented or treated through technical foot care.

SENAC's technical course in podiatry offers a unique opportunity for those who wish to enter this area. With a workload of 1200 hours, the course guarantees complete and qualified training, both in theory and in practice.

In addition, SENAC has laboratories equipped with everything necessary for learning and trained teachers with years of experience in the area.

Podiatry Technical Course at SENAC: A Chance for a Promising Career

SENAC's podiatry technical course is an excellent opportunity for those who wish to embark on a promising and constantly growing career.

With a duration of 1200 hours, the course offers complete and qualified training, with experienced technical teachers and laboratories equipped with all the equipment necessary for learning.

SENAC is an institution recognized for its excellence in professional courses and open courses, and the podiatry course is no exception.

Students who graduate in this area have several career options, being able to work in beauty salons, home care, hospital clinics, clubs and spas, and even open their own business.

What Are Technical Courses and How They Can Help Your Career

Technical courses are an increasingly popular option for those who want to enter the job market quickly.

Unlike a graduation, technical courses have a shorter duration and are more focused on practice, which allows the student to be prepared to work in the profession in less time.

SENAC offers several technical courses in different areas, including podiatry. Technical courses are an excellent option for those who want to start a new career or improve their knowledge in the area in which they already work.

SENAC: An Institution Recognized for its Excellence in Professional Education

SENAC is an institution recognized for its excellence in professional education, with open courses, technical courses and graduations in several areas.

SENAC's goal is to provide students with complete and qualified training, preparing them to work in the technical job market and contribute to the development of society.

Through the virtual EAD, SENAC offers the possibility of carrying out several distance courses, facilitating access to professional education for those who have little time or are in more distant regions for technical education.

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