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At Senac, the barber course is one of the best choices for those who intend to become professional in the area of beauty for men, where the student learns various techniques for handling equipment for cutting, skin care and shaving.

Senac Barber Course - Agora Notícias
Senac Barber Course – Agora Notícias

Throughout the entire course, the student learns how to perform haircuts on all types of hair, from the most classic to the most current, within style trends.


Other barbershop techniques, such as beard alignment and design, skin care and hair hydration, with quality and reliable products, are also taught to students.

Topics within the course aimed at the student barber career:

  • Safety at work
  • Hygiene and quality
  • Customer Service
  • business management

This Senac barbershop course is perfect for beginners in basic cutting, and also for professionals who already work as a professional barber, but want to adapt to more modern techniques.

What the barber course student learns is not just in theory, no! Practical classes at Senac allow the student to develop their own skills, and also to gain initial experience.

After completing the course, you will be ready to start working with the professional barbershop. The demand for barbers has been growing annually, whether in salons, barbershops, or professionals who have decided to open their own business.


Demand is greater, especially in large cities, where most markets are promising.

Is there a lot of offer in the Job Market involving professional barbershop?

Understand that many doors open when you have the right key in hand. In the case of the student who completed the Barbershop course at Senac, we call this key a CERTIFICATE.

Nowadays, men's interest in self-care and aesthetics is growing endlessly. As a result, the increased demand for good barbershop professionals has also been growing in the market.

In addition to the places we are used to hearing that a barber works, such as salons and barbershops, many professionals find employment in places such as high-class clubs,
luxury hotels and spas – rich people love staying indoors!

Understand that you sell your fish! If you identify with a certain style of cut or in a certain area within the barbershop, go after it to specialize in it. Whether in hair treatment, afro haircuts, beard and mustache. The market is extremely promising for those who know what they want.

Your qualifications will really make a difference for you, as they are for other students at Senac or any other educational network that exists.

It is extremely important that you always seek to improve your techniques and skills, adapting to the most modern techniques and meeting other Barbers to share new ideas and form a good Networking.

Your Certificate in the Barbershop Course

Senac issues certificates of completion for all its technical courses, including the Barber course, for all students who were committed to the classes and did well in the practical and theoretical assessments.

Senac's certificates are nationally recognized and can be a key that opens up new opportunities for its students in all Brazilian territories. With your certificate you will be able to prove your level of technical knowledge in barbershop, or your improvement in the profession.

What about Enrollment at Senac?

The registration process with Senac staff is very simple. All you have to do is contact their network, closest to your region, online or in person, and obtain the necessary information for registration.

It is also interesting to check if the unit in your city requires any prerequisites to take the course, such as age group or previous experience. After enrolling, just pay your registration and pre-monthly fees to secure your spot.

Remembering that prices can vary a lot according to each Senac unit. Exactly check every detail before making any decision.

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