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To the characteristics of auction motorcycles They are simple, but they can change your mind at the time of purchase. But what are these characteristics? Is it worth buying a motorcycle from an auction or is it better to go to a vehicle dealership? What are the benefits of buying at auction from a financial perspective?

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Buying a new motorcycle is many people's dream. In fact, it doesn't even have to be new like a 160cc 0km Fan, just be a used Fan that replaces the old motorcycle that the person already has, and happiness will be guaranteed. Therefore, it is essential to look for possible ways to buy a vehicle in good condition.


Many people actually choose to buy a new one, as mentioned above, but, as market prices are well above the norm, it is normal to search for a used one or one that has been used for a few years, to buy a quality motorcycle, but one that is of a lower value than a completely new one (the Biz 0km already costs the same as a used Fan 150, truly absurd).

In today's content, we are going to talk about the characteristics of auction motorcycles. This is important information that you need to know before purchasing your vehicle for this type of event. Therefore, if you want to know more about the subject, read with us until the end of the article. Let's go!

Main features of auction motorcycles

Financial seizure

One of the main features of motorcycles auction, is the fact that the vast majority are caught by finance companies. Basically, it is a way that these banking companies find compensation, that is, to get back part of the money that was paid to the customer, at least enough to not end up in the negative.

They are generally good motorcycles, well maintained. The period between the seizure of the vehicle and its seizure lasts between 2-4 months, during which time the motorcycles usually remain parked in the garage. So, at finance motorcycle auctions you will always find good purchasing opportunities.


Old motorcycles are police seizures

Continuing our characteristics of auction motorcycles, it is important to remember that old motorcycles are generally targets of police seizures. But how so? Well, basically, if you want a newer motorcycle, you should look for finance auctions, which had financing still open (generally motorcycles that were 10 years old).

But, if you are looking for even older vehicles (15 or 20 years ago) to pay very little at the time of auction, then you should look for vehicles from military police and federal highway auctions. Why? Because they are older motorcycles, which generally have overdue documents or fines registered, which is why they are seized.

Some registered fines

As mentioned above, it is very common to find vehicles with registered fines. This is often the reason for the vehicle to be seized. Think with us: motorcycles with late documents usually have accumulated fines, whoever owns them no longer cares about anything, especially extremely cheap vehicles, the famous ones “just for running”.

Therefore, when they are seized, many owners do not even go back to regularize the vehicle, thus, the motorcycle ends up with fines generating interest, debts that are late and still registered. Therefore, it is quite common for you to find some. On new motorcycles the quantity is smaller, which is why so many people look for finance auctions.

Features of auction motorcycles: crashes are possible

Remember: it is a used motorcycle, often auctioned because it is no longer useful. Therefore, it is quite common to find many well-detonated motorcycles, with many crashes. These vehicles are easily seen in online auctions, where people can advertise themselves on the web, just using the platform in question.

It's worth analyzing, after all, a simple hit often pays off, as long as the bid you make is low. Imagine bidding 2 thousand reais for a 2022 XRE 300, with a bad crash that will cost you 3 thousand reais in repairs, and no one else bidding? The motorcycle is yours, and you will spend 5 thousand reais on a motorcycle that FIPE has at around R$18,000.00.

This was our guide to the characteristics of auction motorcycles. We hope we have answered your questions on the subject. If you still have any, comment below and we will respond. To the next!

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