Auction of salvaged cars from SP financial: how to participate?


Auction of cars recovered from SP finance company They are highly sought after, but what are their characteristics? Is it worth participating in these auctions or not? What is the average value of a car sold in this type of event? Is it possible to bid online, doing everything on the computer, or is it necessary to attend in person?

Auction of salvaged cars from SP financial - Agora Notícias
Auction of cars recovered from finance company SP – Agora Notícias

Buying a car is always a difficult task, after all, many aspects must be taken into account when purchasing a new vehicle. History of registrations, fines, transfers already made, number of owners it has had, among other related information, are essential to guarantee the purchase of a good vehicle.


But, as mentioned, it is a difficult task. After all, in addition to all these aspects we mentioned, there is also the “value” factor, that is, the price charged by the agent. However, there are ways to buy good cars, at affordable prices. below FIPE (well below), in excellent condition: we are talking about the auctions.

In today's content, we're going to talk a little more about the auction of cars recovered from financial SP, or rather, auctions, as there are several events of this type available. So, if you want to know more about the subject, follow us to the end of the article to see more details. Come on, read with us!

What is a SP financial recovered car auction?

But after all, what is an auction of cars recovered from SP finance? As the name suggests, this is an auction held only with vehicles that have been recovered by finance companies in the city or state of São Paulo. So, if you are from the region and are looking for a good car, this is your opportunity.

It works as follows, using this example: João financed a 2015 Sandero Stepway with Santander finance in the city of São Paulo. He paid the vehicle in 60 installments, but, due to financial problems, he managed to pay “only” 45 installments out of a total of 60. After months of delay, the car was seized and, finally, taken over by Santander's finance company.


The financing contract is called “Fiduciary Sale”, which means that the financed asset is sold as guarantee for the payment itself. Thus, at any time of delay and non-negotiation to resume payment of installments, the vehicle can then be seized by the finance company as a way of compensating for the default.

Continuing, as the bank wants to “profit” from the vehicle that was recovered by the São Paulo finance company, it goes to auction, in exchange for a cash bid. Yes, some vehicles are sold with a monthly payment, with the new owner assuming the financing, but, in the vast majority of cases, this is a cash bid.

How to participate in these auctions?

But, and how to participate in these auctions made by finance companies that recover cars that were not fully paid for in SP? Well, there are countless ways. The first and most recommended is to look for auction sites like Sodré Santoro, which we already mentioned here on our blog. There, you will find all types of auction cars, including those recovered by SP finance companies.

Our second tip is that you visit the official pages of the finance companies, open the news tab and look for information about the auctions that will be held by the companies themselves. Generally, there is a publication mentioning when it will be held, with a place to participate or a video conference link.

How much does a car like that cost?

But what about how much does a vehicle cost? auction of cars recovered from finance company SP? Well, that depends a lot. It largely depends on the year and model of the vehicle, so there is no fixed value that we can use as a basis for this information. However, there is a percentage based on the FIPE table that we can use to get an idea of the value.

All auctions have a minimum bid. The auctioneer warns that the minimum bid for the 2012 Civic, for example, starts at 15 thousand reais. From there, the different moves begin. Generally, it is possible to buy cars with up to 40% of the FIPE value, that is, 60% of discount on the real value.

In the example of the Civic, where the FIPE costs around 60 thousand, the vehicle could cost an incredible 24 thousand reais. This was our guide to the SP financial repossessed car auction. To the next!

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