AppKarma Application: turn points into + 10 thousand reais!


AppKarma is one of the best apps to earn money. Besides, it gives you all this just using your cell phone. We know that a few years ago this type of job seemed totally impossible. However, with the advancement of technology, the act of earning money without leaving home has become commonplace.

AppKarma Application - Agora News
AppKarma Application – Agora News

It will be important to remember that this innovative money making app is available for iOS or Android. By installing it, you will get a sensational way to earn money. However, we will better understand throughout this article if it really fulfills what it promises. Let's better understand the positive and negative points of using it.


We need to point out that AppKarma is considered by thousands of people to be one of the best apps to get easy and fast money. Of course, for that, you will have to fulfill some activities that he requests.

How does AppKarma work in everyday life?

If you don't know about this new AppKarma yet, you need to know that it works very similarly to other apps. It directs its employees to earn money quickly. Without any distinction, it offers money to all its users. Therefore, in order to receive the amounts, it is necessary to comply with the rules.

On a daily basis, you'll have to fulfill the missions that are imposed within the app. Many times you will just have to play games that are by AppKarma and rate them. From the moment you complete the tasks, you will earn coins. However, you will only be able to withdraw after a certain amount has accumulated.

Everything you want to withdraw will be transferred immediately to your registered checking account. It should be noted that this platform is extremely easy to use. This is because it has several attractive and self-explanatory features. There are three main ways to earn money with this new app. We'll show you now:


  • Friends' indication;
  • Received stamps;
  • Reward for activity.

How does referring friends work?

So that you understand better, the indication of friends is the one that we share with a person known to AppKarma, we must highlight for each one how much this app can change the person's life if they are truly committed to it. As soon as your friend installs AppKarma through the sent link, you will receive coins.

However, stamps are given to you each time you level up a game. For example, as soon as you download the five most recommended apps within the app, you will receive a badge. In this way, the stamp turns into coins and you will have more money to withdraw.

As for the reward for activity, you will earn whenever you complete something proposed. In the case of games, once you've completed your task of playing them all, you'll earn the proposed reward. Or, at the same time that you complete the assessments requested by AppKarma, you will receive the equivalent of your work.

How to register on AppKarma?

So that you have a record always available is very easy. Just follow our app usage tips. First you must go to your app store and install the AppKarma. After that, you should open it and register all the requested data. You will also have to create a password and name so that you can log in to the application whenever you want.

Therefore, the moment you register your email, you will receive a notification with a link to confirm that the registration is correct and the email is really yours. From there, you'll have the entire app all to yourself. The missions can be completed as soon as you complete the registration.

Is there a minimum withdrawal amount?

Many people end up being afraid to use apps that pay for activities precisely because they receive a minimum withdrawal amount. Even if they sometimes have several points accumulated, they cannot withdraw until they reach a specific amount. In that application, for you to be able to redeem what is there, all you need is 4,000 points.

Of course, this number may seem high for beginners, however, it is very easy to achieve considering that most tasks are paid with 500 or 1,000 points. Therefore, it is very fast from registration to withdrawal of amounts obtained. Of course, from there, you can withdraw whenever you want.

However, many people still choose to withdraw every 10 reais, so it will be necessary to accumulate 10,000 points. Something that can also be done quickly. That was our article about AppKarma. We hope you enjoyed it and until next time!

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