Curitiba car auction: what it is, how to choose and how to participate!


Curitiba car auction it is an event like any other of its kind, with the difference of being held in the city that is the capital of Paraná. But, what are the main car auctions held in the city of Curitiba? What is the average price of an auction car in the capital? Who can participate in the practice?

Curitiba car auction? - Now News
Curitiba car auction? – Now News

Buying a car or property these days is getting more and more complicated. Due to the pandemic that started in 2020 and brings problems to the present day, the automobile sector was largely affected, with problems in 0 km car production due to lack of enough parts to meet the demand of automakers.


Thus, as a way to contain the drop in internal cash, these same automakers inflated vehicle prices in such a way that many do not even consider buying brand new cars. As a result, the value of semi-new and used cars also skyrocketed, as the number of transactions also increased considerably.

So, it is necessary to look for some way to save when buying a vehicle: auctions are among the best options. In today's content, we are going to explain to you what a curitiba car auction, how it works and what are the main ones available in the capital. Want to know more about it? So read until the end of the matter. Let's go!

What is a Curitiba car auction?

But after all, what is a auction of cars Curitiba? As previously mentioned, this is an auction like any other, but with the difference of being held in the city of Curitiba (or online), and cars being auctioned as the main assets, instead of motorcycles, real estate or things like that.

It is usually done by websites specialized in auctions, at the request of large finance companies, that is, companies usually linked to banking institutions that need to find some way to be reimbursed for the default they took. That's because many of these cars are vehicles that haven't been fully paid for.


Thus, when there is a pledge of fiduciary alienation, the vehicle can go to an auction in Curitiba. Fiduciary alienation is a type of financing in which your vehicle becomes the guarantee of the contract itself, and thus can be auctioned if the payment of installments stops at some point.

This happens more than you might think, and not only with cars, but also with motorcycles, houses, apartments or land that are part of financing and are not paid. So, you can buy them for a cheaper price, as long as you know where to find a good car auction in Curitiba.

How to choose a Curitiba car auction?

But, how do you choose a Curitiba car auction? Well, our maximum recommendation is that you look for certified financial auctions, generally the largest and best known, such as Santander, Bradesco and Caixa itself. This way, you will ensure that you are purchasing a genuine vehicle.

On the other hand, always follow the auctions from the beginning, because only then will you be able to check all the details of the vehicle that is being negotiated. If you don't, you might be interested in a Sandero Stepway 2023 that's up for auction, but you won't have the courage to bid due to the lack of specifications.

How to buy an auction car?

But, what about buying an auction car? As the vast majority of these events have taken place online since 2020, below we leave a step-by-step guide on how to participate and bid your car through a digital auction. Read:

  • First, find the auction you want to participate in on the official website of the chosen finance company;
  • Soon after, find the videoconference link, check the date and time and attend to place your bids;
  • Evaluate the vehicle's specifications, bid and finalize;
  • Soon after, take the document and pass it to your name in a notary;
  • Carry out a vehicle inspection;
  • Pay any fines that are outstanding, wait for them to be written off and transfer the car once and for all to your name, at a forwarder.

This was our Curitiba car auction guide. As we can see, there are several opportunities to buy good vehicles for prices well below the ordinary. We hope to have helped you with your doubts about the matter. If you still have any, comment below and we'll answer it. To the next!

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