Application to lose weight: 6 incredible options in 2022!


Application to lose weight it's one of the most important things we should have on our mobile device these days. If you are making plans to lose weight, these apps will help you a lot. They will also make you follow a training and diet routine so that weight loss is more efficient and faster.

Application to lose weight - Agora Notícias
Application to lose weight – Agora Notícias

However, it is important to know that the help from a gym would be essential for this evolution. However, many times it doesn't fit in our budget yet another monthly bill. With that in mind, applications to assist in this process were created. We can and should use all technology as our main ally.


We will then list some of the best apps for this purpose. One application to lose weight it will make all the difference for those who have this as their main objective. They will also show you how you can organize yourself weekly to have a good diet.

My Fitness Pal

That application to lose weight will be the most directed of all to a very balanced diet. In it, it will be possible to inform which food you ate and how it was prepared. Thus, you will be aware of how many calories you put into your body in just one meal.

All tips you can save to share with someone who also has the same goal.

App to lose weight: Adidas Training

The main objective of this application to lose weight are the races presented in it. However, you will have around 100 exercises to perform every day. It will be interesting to have access to free training. This will allow you to participate in freer lives and training sessions that are tailored to your needs.


You can find there the most common ones like the plank, squat, running, push-up, among others. If you have the conditions, invest in a good skipping rope, two big balls like those used in pilates and a device of your choice for working out. This will further help with all the exercises you need to do.

Google Fit

Google Fit was an app created exclusively by Google. We can already know that we can't expect little from him, can't we? With it, it will be possible to develop healthy habits and set weight goals. It will also monitor all the calories you've burned and will always compare your previous weight with your current weight.

That way, you'll be able to better understand how many kilos you've lost and in how long. You'll know how many steps you've taken that day and how many kilometers you've walked. A great feature is that you can connect it to smart watches, so you'll know exactly what your heart rate is too.

App to lose weight: Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is the most complete app we've found for you looking for the widest range of complete workouts possible. There you can find strength, endurance and even lighter workouts like yoga. To get a good idea, they are made available in full.

So you can count on workouts from 20 to 45 minutes. That way, training at home or at your favorite gym will be almost the same. They are also divided by your body parts. Each one will be done differently, you will also be able to see videos of the most correct way to do it.

Diet and Health

This slimming app will provide you with many options in diets and workouts. He will also help you eliminate up to 4 kilos per week. However, you must follow all information therein carefully and strictly. The app schedules will be made according to the questionnaire you answer.

This questionnaire will ask about your weight, measurements, illnesses in the family, complications that you may have at the moment and if you have ever performed physical activities. Many nutritionists will also be able to assist you in this mission, along with psychologists.

Application to lose weight: Fitness Amigo

Fitness Amigo will provide you with more than 200 exercises daily. In addition to showing you how to do it on video, it will also show you the ideal time for it to start having an effect on your body. For example, the first exercise will be a squat. A video will play showing exactly how to do it.

After that, you will be able to visualize how many repetitions you should do per squat day for everything to take effect immediately. You will also be able to get instructions on more exercises and videos after subscribing to the app monthly.

This was our article about the application to lose weight. We hope you enjoyed it and until next time!

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