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Do you know if you are entitled to the gas kit aid? Do you know the prerequisites of families eligible to receive this benefit? In this article, we will explain in detail how to obtain the gas kit aid and what criteria are needed to access it according to government requirements.

It is important to remember that the price of gas has increased considerably in recent months. If inflation were measured solely on the basis of the price of gas and gasoline, we would certainly be facing exorbitant inflation. In fact, the cost of these fuels has had a huge impact on people's budgets, especially those in the middle and lower classes.


For this reason, having a gas kit aid can be very useful, allowing you to save money when purchasing the product. It is important to remember that the cost of gas cylinders in Brazil is one of the highest in the world, as is the price of gasoline. Unfortunately, we don't know how far these exorbitant prices will go!

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Firstly, it is important to point out that the gas kit aid will be granted to families that have a per capita income equal to or less than R$ 550 and are registered in the Single Government Registry. It is undoubtedly a significant help, since the price of gas has already accumulated an increase of more than 44%, and could reach R$ 140 in some cities in Brazil.

The Ministry of Citizenship uses the same register used in “Emergency Aid” during the pandemic, which has now been replaced by the “Auxílio Brasil” program, to transfer the benefit. In addition to the criteria already mentioned in this article, the BPC public will also be entitled to receive the gas kit aid.

The payment of the gas kit aid is expected to start this December. In this program, eligible families will receive an amount equivalent to half the price of a 13 kg gas cylinder every two months. It is important to highlight that the benefit refers exclusively to the 13 kg gas cylinder.


Gas kit aid – More details About the benefit

The value of the gas kit aid will be established by the Price Survey System (SLP), which is part of the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels. The decree that regulates the program establishes clear rules that must be rigorously followed.

According to a survey carried out by the SLP, the average price of a gas cylinder in Brazil in 2021 was R$ 102. However, it is estimated that next year this average will exceed R$ 112. This price is very high when we consider the value of the minimum wage, for example.

The resources for the payment of the gas kit aid will come from the government's own budget, which totals around 300 million reais. The Federal Government reported that the regulation of the decree should take place soon, since the law is already in force and will be valid for five years. This initiative is very important and will be of great help to families who need to save on their cooking gas expenses.

How will be the payment

As of December, all families registered in the “Auxílio Brasil” program will begin to receive payment for the gas kit aid. Each accredited family will receive 50% of the gas value, every two months, based on the price of a 13 kg LPG cylinder.

Other energy sources

Undoubtedly, the gas cylinder is an essential product for most Brazilian families, present in virtually every home in the country. Due to its importance, the companies responsible for its distribution often take the opportunity to practice abusive prices.

The same happens with gasoline, which is essential for those who depend on daily transport, but whose disproportionate price affects people in the middle and lower classes in particular. Still, even in the face of these high costs, people continue to fill up their vehicles.

One suggestion would be the launch of the “gasoline voucher” by the government, guaranteeing low-income people the right to fuel up without paying taxes. It would be a positive initiative on the part of government officials, but it may be difficult to implement due to the interests of entrepreneurs in the sector.

How to download apps to save

Nowadays, there are several applications that help to save electricity, gasoline and even gas. To find them, just search for “energy saver” in your phone's app store. It's important to choose known apps to avoid problems.

Do not forget that it is crucial to save electricity, water and gas, as our planet's natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce. Check out our apps category for more information and valuable tips.

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